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Don Watson: Reviews

The grand folk tradition of the Shaw Brothers is alive and well in the music of Don Watson. This collection of eight story-songs about the Granite State's history ("Hannah Dustin," "Willey Slide") and predilections ("Pumpkin Pie," "Autumn's Song") is unabashedly sentimental. It's also so lyrically clever and musically adroit that it's a bit like a holiday homecoming with Aunt Bertha and Uncle Everett who happen to have brought along their flock of hip and talented nephews for an after-hours jam session. The New Hampshire bona fides are on rich display with numerous references to local sources as varied as Fritz Wetherbee's droll storytelling and stone wall builder Kevin Gardner's "Granite Kiss." Watson, who wrote all the songs with the assistance of co-lyricist Steve Redic, brings the real pathos and sweeping beauty of our state's past and present to life in this album aptly titled "Welcome Home New Hampshire."

This is great! I especially like "Pumpkin Pie" with the unexpected twists. And who knows, you may rival the Shaw Brothers with your New Hampshire song. I look forward to hearing the whole CD when it comes out.
Mike E.
"Welcome Home New Hampshire" is really crafty! How you mention all the places that make NH great. I love "Pumpkin Pie"!!! Man so cute! You have to come sing at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. It will be a big smash!!
Shelly S.
These new songs are awesome Don! I can't wait to hear the rest and buy your CD. I can see lots of NH places, shows, movies, etc. using your music! Excellent stuff!
Leslie C.
Hi Don,
I just returned from Nashville working on the Reba and Dolly project. I'm honored that you want to join the NH compilation album for Melodical Hearts. You sound great and would be a great addition.
Wayne Warner
B-Venturous Records
Wayne Warner - Melodical Hearts Foundation
"I had a wonderful time running sound for you and really enjoyed your show. It seemed that everyone in attendance at Meadowbrook had a great time. You and the band are very talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with".
Gary - K Production Services
Go to the link for the Gilford Steamer article. Great story about Don and his music.
This is very impressive! I almost feel like I'm there visiting. My favorite is "Whenever I think of You". It's very uplifting and so is Don.
Hi Don, Rebecca and family. You have a wonderfull music site, Don, and I am so happy for you.
I liked his songs. Promise you will remember us untalented folks when fame comes knockin!
I really enjoyed hearing Don sing again. Way to go!
I sent the link to my brother and sister and Mom & Dad too. They all know Donald.
James A
Wow! Very easy to listen to. I love the guitar. Bethany likes "Music Man Joe."